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firefly 15 fics

Firefly 15 Fics
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Firefly 15 Fics Challenge
Firefly 15 Fics
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firefly_15_fics is a fic challenge community where the goal is to write 15 fanfics based on a set of prompts.


* 100 words minimum
* all fic must be put behind an lj-cut
* suitable headings must be used: eg "#prompt number + character/pairing" / "#009 Mal/Inara"
* tag all entries with the characters & pairings involved in the fic & your username
* ratings and warnings must be supplied!
* there no limit on how many claims you can make - but only claim what you will write!



* all characters and pairings from Firefly and Serenity are accepted
* there are no limits on how many people can claim the same thing at once!

To make a claim, go here!

Your mod, Meredith xfirefly9x
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Disclaimer: firefly_15_fics is a community for the posting of fictional works and discussion of fictional television shows. No material appearing in this community should be interpreted as soliciting or encouraging illegal activity. Posts to this community that describe illegal activity in the context of fictional or analytic writing should not be construed as expressing interest, soliciting or encouraging illegal activity. The act of posting to, friending or becoming a member of this community should not be construed as the expression of interest, solicitation or encouragement of illegal activity. firefly_15_fics opposes and condemns illegal activity, does not encourage illegal activity and is not and will not be used in furtherance of any illegal activity.